Rebel Jewelry

Show your colors with Rebel Flag inspired jewelry from Dixie

Confederate Rebel Flag Heart Necklace

 Rebel Heart Necklace (1 1/8 inch wide) on 18 inch silver color chain   $8.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Heart Necklace
Price: $8.99



Rebel Flag Heart Earrings


These match the heart necklace above but are smaller (1/2 inch) $6.99 each



Item Name: Rebel Heart Earrings
Price: $6.99





Confederate Flag Rebel Anklet

9 inch Rebel Anklet on Silver Color Chain   $6.99 each

Item Name: Rebel Anklet
Price: $6.99



Confederate Flag Rebel Pendant Necklace   

18 inch Rectangular Rebel Emblem on Silver Color Chain.  5/8 inch long x 1/2 inch wide $6.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Pendant Necklace
Price: $6.99




Confederate Flag Rebel Chopper Cross Necklace

19 inch Rebel Chopper Cross Choker, specify silver or black enamel cross   The beads are somewhat more rustic/brown red than shade pictured.  $9.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Chopper Cross Necklace
Price: $9.99



Confederate Rebel Flag 19 inch Rebel Hemp Necklace with Metal Shark Tooth and Spikes 

Great Necklace for your inner biker   $10.99 each


Item Name: 19 inch Rebel Hemp Necklace with Metal Shark Tooth and Spikes
Price: $10.99



Confederate Flag Rebel Bracelet

8 inch Rebel Bracelet with One (1) Long Rebel Bead   $5.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Bracelet
Price: $5.99



Confederate Flag Rebel Bracelet with Silver Color Beads 

7 inch Rebel Bracelet with Rebel Beads and Silver Color Beads.  $6.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Bracelet with Beads
Price: $6.99



 Rebel Dog Tag


Confederate Flag Dog Tag.  Very nice item. 1 3/4 inches long by 1 inch wide with a 23 inch chain.   $6.99 each



Item Name:  Rebel Dog Tag
Price $6.99





 Barbwire Necklace


Silver color barbwire/hemp necklace (not sharp) 18 inches   Price $10.99

Item Name:  Barbwire Necklace
 Price $10.99

Dixie jewelry is a fun way to show your colors.  There is something attention getting about the Southern Cross.  Try our bracelet and necklace with the Southern Cross and metal beads, Rebel anklet, Rebel chopper cross and hemp necklace with metal teeth and spikes.  Moms  really like the Rebel Heart pendant and earrings.  These items are great for birthdays, graduation day, Christmas and Holiday gifts.  Rebel Yell On-Line also puts this jewelry in some of our Southern Gift Baskets as a special gift basket idea for our Rebel With a Cause, Dixie Darlin' and Redneck Mama gift baskets.

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