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Confederate Clothing: Battle Flag Bikini, Confederate Swim Suits, Rebel Hot Shorts, Rebel Flag Men's Swimsuits & Texas Bikinis

Rebel Yell clothing has selected items that are very popular with some of the locals who enjoy redneck or Confederate Rebel Flag T-Shirts, Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Bikinis, Texas Flag Bikinis or Beach Towels.  Check out the newest thing for gorgeous Southern girls, the Rebel Flag Lycra HOT SHORTS!  These shorts are hot, hot, hot and all the girls at the Redneck Games in Dublin, Georgia were wearing them!  You can wear them with your bikini top as an extra swimsuit, or with another top.  For some select leather clothing, please visit our Confederate Rebel Leather product page. 

We wanted to bring you the t-shirts we like best.  They are short sleeved, heavy white cotton, with shoulder to shoulder tape.  They are printed on the back and have a crest on the front.  Girls and women can wear some of these Southern t-shirts also.



Southern Traditions


Nice shirt with rustic appeal. Confederate Rebel Flag with beautiful buck in foreground.  100% preshrunk cotton.   $12.95 each   SOLD OUT

Item Name: Southern Traditions
Price: $12.95

T-Shirt Size:   



Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Bikini

Lined Bikini for Rebelicious Southern Babes.   7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14  DuPont Lycra and Nylon.  NO RETURN ON SWIMSUITS  $25.95


Item Name: Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Bikini
Price: $25.95 each

Bikini Size:   




Battle Flag Beach Towel 

Display pride in your Southern Heritage with this 30 x 60 100% cotton beach towel.   Heat up the beach even more! $19.95 each

Item Name: Battle Flag Beach Towel
Price: $19.95






Confederate Rebel Battle Flag One Piece Swimsuit 

Lined one piece Confederate Rebel Battle Flag swimsuit with bra.  DuPont Lycra and Nylon.  This suit runs small, order one size larger than you usually wear.  Size  (M)  only  NO RETURN ON SWIMSUITS  $ 25.95 each  

Item Name: Confederate Rebel Battle Flag One Piece Swimsuit
Price: $25.95 


One-Piece Swim Suit Size:   


Texas Flag Bikini

Lined Bikini for Texas Hotties who want to show the colors of the Great State of Texas!   DuPont Lycra and Nylon  NO RETURN ON SWIMSUITS $29.95 each

Item Name: Texas Flag Bikini

 Price: $29.95                               SOLD OUT

Bikini Size:   


Confederate Rebel Flag Hot Shorts

Daisy Dukes herself would be jealous and want a pair of these.  They come in stretchy DuPont Lycra, fit like a glove, and you can wear them with your bikini top or another top; as a swimsuit bottom or shorts.  The latest and the greatest!   Draw string front.   $24.95 each  - No Returns.

Item Name: Confederate Rebel Flag Hot Shorts
Price: $24.95  
 Small  Only

Hot Short Size:   





Confederate Rebel Flag Men's Swim Trunks/Shorts

These swim trunks are really cool and very well made.  They are a nice polyester fabric and lined with a drawstring.  I think the girls will like these also.  They come in M, L,1x, 2x -.3x  NO RETURN   $25.95 each  

Item Name: Confederate Rebel Flag Men's Swim Trunks/Shorts

 Price: $25.95

 **Note:  1X will normally fit large also.  They are not made to be tight.
Swim Trunk Size:   




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