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Confederate Southern Cookbooks

Confederate Cookbook

This is a great 366 page cookbook put together by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.  There are many stories about the Confederate Soldier Ancestors, pictures of them and recipes for Southern Favorites such as Angel Biscuits, Fried Chicken and Gravy, Grandmother’s Cheese Grits, Vidalia Onion Casserole, Hoppin’ John and Miss Nancy’s Famous Coconut Cake, Peach Fried Pies, Yankee Cannon Balls, Pralines, Pecan Pie and what would a Southern Cookbook be worth without several recipes for Pound Cake?   This is a great cookbook for you or a birthday, Christmas or Holiday, anniversary, bridal shower or wedding gift.  9 1/2" x 8 1/4"  Hardback with Dust Cover  $32.00 each 



Item Name: Confederate Cookbook
Price: $32.00


Moma’s Mountain Cooking Cookbook

I bought this cookbook at a fundraising silent auction and enjoyed it so much, I ran down the North Carolina lady who wrote it so I could offer it to you.  This is a 296 page book that not only has great recipes like Moma’s Christmas Dinner, but Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pudding, Moma’s Poke Salat, Pork Chop Sandwich, Country Turnip Greens, Delicious Bourbon Brownies, White Trash, and a whole lot of the kind of stuff we ate at church potlucks when we were kids.

More than a cookbook, it is the story of the author’s mother, Jane Pate Oakley, born November 13, 1905.  She grew up in a mountain cabin in Yancey County, Bee Log, N.C.   The book is full of photographs, family history and Hints, Herbs & Remedies.

This is real Southern Heritage going back to the Civil War with it's Southern style cooking.

This is fun book that would make a great Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas or Holiday, Bridal Shower, Wedding or any other gift occasion for anyone, including you.  Soft Cover, Spiral  8 1/4"x 6 1/4".   $22.00  Each

Item Name: Moma's Mountain Cooking Cookbook  OUT OF STOCK
Price: $22.00



See the Misc. page for some samples of a few recipes from these books and some of our very most favorite recipes.

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