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Confederate Gift Baskets

If you are looking for a unique Southern gift for your friends, father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband or wife, you have found it!  Dixie gift baskets are wonderful for birthdays, teenagers gift, Christmas or Holiday gift, Motherís day, Fatherís day, anniversary, wedding, shower, secretaries day, housewarming gift, or virtually any special day or when you need a humorous gag gift to present to either your politically incorrect buddies or the politically correct types who need a Rebel Gift Basket to point them in the right direction.  Our gift baskets are actually quality 12 quart galvanized pails chock full of Rebel items.  We have the right stuff for the Rebel in your life!




Dixie Darliní 

If you have a Dixie Darliní you want to gift, she will love this gift basket in a galvanized pail.  This gift includes:  a Rebel bandana, Rebel t-shirt from our collection (large or x-large), Rebel heart necklace, Rebel flag do-rag, Rebel car tag and Rebel sunglasses.  $125.99 


Item Name: Dixie Darlin'
Price: $125.99

T-Shirt Size:   


Every season is the perfect one for a Southern style gift basket.  Our Southern Belle basket is made with plenty of Southern charm to delight girls and ladies from anywhere.  You don't need to be a Son of a Confederate Veteran to enjoy giving or getting our unique Southern Heritage Gift baskets for any occasion.  If you are looking for a truly unique gift, it is here.

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