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Confederate Recipes - Misc.

Bandana Halter Instructions

What can you make with a Rebel Flag bandana and a bit of ribbon?  An almost instant halter!  For a casual look, use a cotton Rebel Flag bandana and grosgrain ribbon.  This great little top only takes minutes to make and is wonderful to wear during sultry Southern summers.  It is also a special and inexpensive gift item.  Find your Confederate Flag bandana on the accessories page of this website. 


1 large square Rebel bandana

A couple of yards ½ inch ribbon to match 


  1. Fold bandana in half diagonally and press a crease.  Take the two points at each end of the fold and wrap around chest.  If you can tie the ends (girls and smaller ladies) skip step 2 and go to step 3.  Otherwise continue with step.

  2. Measure around your chest and add 24”.  Cut a piece of ribbon this length and knot the ends.  Lay ribbon along the top of the crease.  Stitch in place.

  3. Fold down about 3” (more or less depending on size of scarf) at the point.  Stitch a straight seam 1”.

  4. Tie bottom ribbon around waist and adjust top ribbon to desired length.  Cut and knot ends.

  5. Tie the top ribbon around your neck.

PS:  Be prepared to attract attention/ the good kind.


Betsy’s Prize Winning Biscuits

From Moma’s Mountain Cooking

2 cups self-rising flour

1/3 cup shortening

1 heaping Tbsp. mayonnaise

¾ cup buttermilk

Melted butter 

Mix flour and shortening with pastry blender until crumbly.  Add mayonnaise and buttermilk and mix well.  Knead lightly, maybe 5 times, on a floured board.  Roll dough to a thickness of ½ to ¾ inch.  Cut and place on greased baking sheet.  Bake at 425 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.  Immediately brush tops with melted butter.  Makes 12 biscuits. 

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans

Ham hocks, piece of country ham or smoked turkey legs or wings

Cut up onion

Pepper and light on salt

2 tsp. sugar 

When using dry beans, follow the directions on the packaging.  Once beans and meat are ready, combine all ingredients in a pan, cover and cook on low hear until done.  Serve alone, with greens and corn bread or biscuits or on a bed of steamed rice.

Collard Greens

Fresh greens large bunch or precut

Ham hocks, piece country ham or smoked turkey legs

1 Onion, cut up if desired

Crisco or lard


2 Tbsp sugar 

Wash greens under cold water and throw away any that don’t look right.  If not precut, stack leaves on top each other, roll them together and slice leaves into thin strips.  Add enough Crisco or lard to large pot until you can see it on the spoon, place greens in and cover with water.   Bring to a boil for about 2 minutes.

Add ham hocks, cut up country ham slice or 2 smoked turkey legs, onion, seasoning and sugar to skillet.  Cook on low heat until tender, stirring every few minutes to distribute the seasonings and hock taste evenly.

Vidalia Onion Casserole

from the Confederate Cookbook

2 pounds thinly sliced Georgia Vidalia onions or sweet onions  (approx. 6)

4 tbsp. butter or oleo

3eggs beaten

1-cup sour cream

¼ cup Parmesan cheese

½ cup cheddar cheese, grated

Salt and pepper to taste 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease large casserole dish and set aside.  In a large saucepan, sauté onions in butter over medium heat until they turn pale and tender.  In a medium bowl, beat eggs.  Add sour crème and Parmesan cheese.  Mix well.  Place onions in prepared casserole dish.  Pour egg mixture over onions.  Sprinkle top with grated cheddar cheese.  Bake uncovered for 45 minutes in preheated oven.

Serves 8 

Ham Hocks

Smoked Ham Hocks 

Put ham hocks in a large pot and cover with water.  Bring them to a boil and boil for 1 ½ hours or until falling apart.  Add water if you need to.  Pour off water.  Add to your beans or collard greens.

Breaded Pork Chops and Cream Gravy 

Bone in chops, not too thick or thin

Canned milk

Breadcrumbs, unseasoned store bought

1 or 2 onions


Shortening or oil

Dip chops in canned milk and coat with store bought breadcrumbs placed in a baggy.  Fry on medium heat for about 10 minutes on each side, until brown and done.  Put sliced onions in the pan when you turn the chops over.  Place the done chops on top of the chops you have just turned over to keep them warm.  When all have cooked, test a few to see if they are cooked through (white), but not dry.  If not, put a little water in the pan and cook for 10 minutes or so with a lid on.  Remove chops, keep warm and make gravy. 


Pour some of the grease off.   Mix canned milk and regular milk 50/50 with 3-4 Tbsp. Flour.  Shake up in a plastic container.   Put stove on medium to medium high heat.  Pour into grease, mixing with a whip to dissolve lumps. When thickened, serve with mashed potatoes or Carolina Gold rice.   Be prepared to be haunted with the memory of this incredible meal.

Great as leftovers with white bread for pork chop sandwiches. 

Salmon Croquettes

1 can salmon

1 egg

1 onion diced

1-cup store bought breadcrumbs

2 heaping tbsp mayonnaise

Seasoning, garlic or regular salt and pepper.  Mix together with your hands in a mixing bowl.  Form into patties.  Fry them until done. 

Tartar sauce

Mix one-cup Dukes mayonnaise with 4 tbsp chopped onions and 2 tbsp chopped pickles

Fried Fish

Cod, ocean perch, snapper, catfish or whiting filets



Rinse and dip fresh fish in buttermilk.  Add cornmeal to baggy and put fish in to coat.

Heat oil until hot.

Fry 3-5 minutes on each side until light brown

I like my fish with home made tartar sauce (above) and my husband likes ketchup on his.  Serve with homemade French fries and corn bread.  To make homemade French fries peel, wash, dry and cut larger spuds into long strips.  Fry in deep hot oil in large saucepan or deep fryer until brown, about 20 minutes.  Remove with slotted spoon or spatula and place on plate with paper towels to soak up excess oil.  Put salt on ‘em.   Unbelievable! 

Sunday Roast

One chuck or round beef roast

2 large onions

1 or 2 potatoes for each family member

1 or two carrots for each family member 

In a roaster, brown roast in hot oil on each side.  Put garlic salt and pepper on it.  Put onions and 2 cups of water in pan.  Reduce heat to medium low and cook until tender adding more water as needed.  Peel spuds and cut into thick pieces.  Brush carrots clean and cut the ends off.  Put them in the pan.  Finish cooking roast and vegetables until tender.  Remove meat and vegetables to platter.  Keep warm.  Put horseradish and ketchup on table.


Shake up 1 or more cups water with 2 heaping tbsp flour per cup.  Pour into roast drippings and beat with whisk to remove lumps.  Add seasoning if needed.  You could also use some milk with the water if desired.  Add water or milk/water to get right amount and consistency.

This is a great meal with fresh yeast rolls and blackberry cobbler with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for dessert.  

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